Poster presentation: Eddy C.H., Mikhailova, E.A., C.J. Post, and J.L. Sharp. 2010. Soil Inventory of La Cancion del Viento, Newberry, SC. Fifth Annual Focus on Creative Inquiry (FoCI) Forum, Clemson University. April 12.


GIS and SIS Applications

Course Description

Students work on soil inventory of private lands to create soil management plans using Web Soil Survey, GIS, Clemson Agricultural Service Laboratory analysis, and statistical software. Individual projects are developed by the students and faculty interaction and are not completed in group settings. Anticipated student learning outcomes include the ability to use cutting edge spatial research tools, including Web Soil Survey, GIS and statistical software, as well as the ability to synthesize information to develop soil management recommendations. Electronic posters, typically presented at the Clemson Creative Inquiry forum (as well as at the national meetings). Students are encouraged to sign up for up to 3 credits.
Attention: If you are planning to use FNR 470 course for the Internship requirement, you need to fill out a course substitution form:

The faculty team includes Dr. Mikhailova (Soil Science), and Dr. Post (GIS).